Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How are women having success?

In today's business, women are finding success in a wide range of professions from diverse locations. Three fantastic women, Petraea Heynike, Adriana Gardella and Jemilah Mahmood from very different backgrounds in corporate business, journalism and NGOs, not only developed successful careers, but managed to achieve new heights. They openly shared their stories of balancing family and career, international moves, managing big career transitions and much more.

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Petrea Heynike (pictured above) has 38 years of experience with Nestle. She's currently the Executive Vice President (Strategic Business Units, Marketing & Sales and Beverage Systems, including Nespresso.

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Adriana Gardella (pictured above) is a freelance journalist. She blogs on women and entrepreneurship for the New York Times. Find her on Twitter @adrianagardella.

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